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Carrot Julienning (Shredding)

Shred your carrots

Shred your carrots!

This carrot shredder is perhaps my best buy for the kitchen in the past year.

Although I admit it took a while to master it, I now find it much easier to incorporate carrots into soups, stir fries, salads etc. because they mix easier into salads and they soften faster when sauteed, steamed or cooked. It works best on long, fat carrots rather than the smaller ones.

Hold the carrot flat on the chopping board, keeping your hand on the one end of the carrot only. Then “shave off” the pieces with the shredder making sure you push down hard enough so that it doesn’t come off as one peel. Rotate the carrot slowly so you get the most out of it and be careful not to include your fingers in the mix.

When you are down to a small piece… just eat it! There’s no sense risking your skin in order to shred the whole carrot.

Oh I almost forgot… you can also use this on other veggies, like cucumbers and potatoes etc.

 May 21st, 2009  
 Easy-Peasy, Sides  
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